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When marketing and innovation join up, Customer service becomes effective, quick and accurate.

Italia Traduzioni has been at your service for more than 10 years with senior translators with at least 20 years of experience

Sworn Translations – Technical Manuals – Treatises of Engineering – Architecture – Legal Documents – Patents – Proxies– Power of Attorney – Contracts – International Tenders – Marketing – Localization and SEO in your Language – Apostille – Legalization – Asseveration – Consular Practices – Web Site Translations – Certificates of Birth, Marriage, Legal Separation, National and International Divorce, Family Status, Criminal Records, Pending Charges – Chamber of Commerce Extracts – Degree Certificate – School Documents.

Each text has its own nature. A legal document must be free of ambiguous words and need a proper glossary. A technical manual must be precise, useful for the end user and, above all, clear and it is an essential instrument even from the safety point of view.

Marketing has well-defined academic rules that don’t leave much to the imagination.

Each document is checked during and after the translation, it has to be related to the target text’s culture and create a fusion of language and communication.

Ask for more information writing to, quotes are free and you’ll have great benefits.

Italia Traduzioni also manages editorial projects for DTP (Desktop Publishing) and EDP (Electronic Data Processing), see some examples below:

  • Manuals
  • Page layout
  • Products’ description
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Standard or multimedia presentations
  • Websites

We can edit images for your catalogues and products, giving them the right value and emphasis, optimizing photos, dimensions, and layout. We will find the right solution for any need.

The most used software for DTP and EDP service:

Adobe FrameMaker® + SGML* Microsoft Word® Adobe PageMaker® Adobe Photoshop® Adobe InDesign®

Microsoft Excel® Microsoft Power Point® Microsoft Publisher® Microsoft Access® Corel Draw!®

Corel PhotoPaint® Quark X-Press® Freehand® Autodesk AutoCAD®

* SGML (Standardized Generalized Markup Language) is an ISO 8879: 1986 SGML language that indicates the standard to be followed in the writing of texts that must be transmitted and archived with the computer.

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