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Italia Traduzioni provides you a team of interpreters, who will help you to get in a fluid and professional way through business meetings with foreign people.

It is important that the Interpreter is professional, as it is necessary to minimise the time spent in capturing the exact sense of the sentences he/she is translating. The Interpreter is able to clearly and coherently express your thoughts and those of your interlocutor, with exceptional clarity and professionalism.

To do this, the interpreter must have a long professional experience, to be familiar with the topic and any jargon that will be used and, above all, he/she has to know how to gain the confidence and the fondness of the client and his/her interlocutors.

Interpreting with us

Italia Traduzioni selects the simultaneous Interpreter evaluating your needs as quickly as possible and, if necessary, it takes over the logistic management of the meeting.

The quality of the Interpreter chosen and the confidence he/she will be able to gain, will motivate you to request the same professional for any future jobs and meetings.

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