Professional translations

Professional translations

A Hi-Tech staff dedicated to translating and enhancing your documents, projects, products and services

For over a decade we have been offering professional translations, from audio files, commercial documents, legal practices, powers of attorney, medical reports and documentation, works of art and books. We are also specialized in sworn translations and legalizations, with 24-hour deliveries for documents such as birth certificates, criminal records, pending charges, family certificates and all the certifications that may be required.

Experts in Professional Translations

Furthermore, with our Professional Translation Agency, we are also experts in the following areas:

medical, paramedic, tourism, notary, contract, aeronautical, translation of educational qualifications for those who have to go abroad for study, tourism or work, mechanical, electrical, equipment assembly for beauty farm, health care, for physiotherapy and normal gymnastics, with particular attention also to and from the Chinese language and in the different linguistic combinations.

The Expertise of Italia Traduzioni

Our competence in the sector is ensured by a group of highly experienced translators and interpreters, mother tongue and bilingual, with different degrees, masters and specializations for each sector of expertise. All our translators are Senior, with 20 years of experience in the various areas of expertise.

Our mission is to offer high quality services, at affordable prices, with benefits and special offers of all respect.

We use cat tools if required for document management. In fact, once you have translated a document, such as a manual, you can save considerably for updates.

Additional Services

  • Word processing for manuals, legal documents, tenders, commercial offers;
  • Graphic elaborations on the different software packages.

When each translator receives the assignment, he undertakes to fidelitas in writing and absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. We work with the most modern IT means and our systems are effectively protected by constantly updated and renewed antivirus systems. We translate from / to over 200 languages. We work with enthusiasm, attention, and passion, the latter in particular is our added value. Precise, fast and punctual deliveries.

Customers are satisfied or reimbursed.

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