Italia Traduzioni has an experience of many years in certified and sworn translations.

Sworn translations are required when a document needs to be produced for a foreign body, maintaining its legal value.

Our professional and qualified staff guarantees passion, enthusiasm, attention to detail, precision, and punctual deliveries.

The professional translator will undertake to the Fidelitas in a writing form, and absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

We work using the most modern technology, our systems are effectively protected by constantly updated and renewed antivirus systems.

For Italian citizens abroad and throughout Italy, Italia Traduzioni offers Certified Translations, Judicial Records Translations, Background and Good Conduct Checks, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Identity Cards, Diplomas, Official Certificates and Statements, Company Documents, Medical Certificates and most of the documents that need to be legalized, such as Driver’s Licenses and Car Registration Books.

Any document can be certified and sworn at an Italian Court in order to be ratified legally. The same documents can be legalized with Apostille at the Prosecutor Office in Rome or at the relevant Consulate to extend their validity abroad.

A Hi-Tech, accurate and organized staff dedicated to translating and enhancing your documents.

sworn translations

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