Special Offer Sworn Translations May 2022

Special Offer Sworn Translations May 2022


The sworn translation is a translation with legal value, useful for marriage certificates, birth certificates, criminal records, pending charges, and all types of certificates. It can be applied to any document that acquires an extra value, such as agreements, judgments, contracts and so on.
Until June 30, 2022 Italia Translations promotes the certification including the translation of up to two sheets, from / to English and French FOR ONLY 39,00 Euros, VAT free (flat rate regime). It is only necessary to add a 16, 00 Euro duty stamp for the Court Chancellery.
In Rome the delivery is in short hands, in case of a registered letter request, it is at our expense.
Send your request now to info@italiatraduzioni.com or to italiatraduzionihelpdesk@gmail.com,
We will be happy to give you more information.

An offer like this can only be found on the moon or with us!

Further information also by Whatsapp at (+39) 340 5935270

Italia Traduzioni has been chosen by WWF Onlus Italia

Italia Traduzioni has been chosen by WWF Onlus Italia

Italia Traduzioni has been chosen by WWF Onlus Italia, we are proud of this, we love animals and we have always promoted our work in respect of Nature, how not to make translations related to fur or similar topics.

In our turn we are supporting the defense of the Tiger and the Wolf as well as the recycling of plastic. In addition we sustain the projects for the preservation of the Oceans, initiatives promoted by the WWF, help assisted in the person of our supervisor.

For more information, visit the WWF Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/…/oggi-isabella…/10154749598117869/

Type of work: sworn translation from Dutch to Italian

1% of each translation will be donated once a year to the WWF

For any further information please write to:


or contact 340 5935270 via “Whatsapp”

We love Nature 🐯🐺🐳



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Reference letters and not only…

Our professionalism attested by high-profile physicians

This letter comes from an anaesthetist, documentation produced in 2014

Dear Sir,
Thanks again for your e-mail, it was a pleasure to receive it.
I believe that, beyond titles and certifications, what we have in common is especially the passion for our jobs, and it’s the true engine of each goal and success achieved.
I do not rule out the possibility of contacting you again in the future, perhaps in England we may need the translation of other documents.
I would also like to applaud you and all your staff again for the work done, you’ve been courteous, efficient, available, true professionals!
Best regards,
Camilla G. “


Another letter, chosen between various, September 2015

I am Dr. Marco C., your translation services were essential to me for the registration in the GMC in October 2013 and considering the high professionalism shown, it was a pleasure for me to recommend your translation agency to all my colleagues who enrolled in the GMC after me (and not surprisingly they were all extremely satisfied!).

I am turning to you again as the GMC has asked me to translate another Good Standing for other professional paths that I’m going to take up.

Waiting for a quote for costs and delivery time, I send you my dearest greetings.

Marco C.”
Full names may not be published for privacy reasons. However, if duly authorized by the physicians, we can provide the applicants the full references.


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